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The City Palace, named after the owner, Žilina banker Ignác Rosenfeld, is located in the historic centre of Žilina, not far from the main squares. It was built in 1907 according to architect M. Rauter. It is one of the most beautiful monuments in the city and the largest cultural monument owned by the city (it was declared in 2009). It has been preserved in almost original condition with many arts and crafts details such as window and door panels with decorative metal bars, wood panelling, interior stucco decoration, original light fixtures, stained glass etched window panes, monumental main staircase with marble balustrade, metal balustrade of the back staircase, but also the wrought-iron fence with the main gate. In addition to monumental, artistic, visual and architectural values, it is also valuable in terms of the work's integrity and social significance. Its significance exceeds the borders of Slovakia. The first owner, Ignác Rosenfeld (1850 – 1923, he is buried in the Žilina Jewish cemetery) was the director of the Slovak Savings and Loan Institute and the chairman of the Jewish religious community in Žilina in 1888. In the past, it was a residential building, the seat of several banks (until the end of the 1950s), then the Pioneer House, later the District House of Pioneers and Youth and the Spectrum Leisure Centre were established in the building. Since the 1930s, the Žilina public notary Ladislav Nádaši, son of the writer Nádaši-Jége, had his office in the building.

The Rosenfeld Palace has dominated the cultural map of Žilina since 2016. During that time, it has managed to create a place with a soul, where many events take place that are closely related to current events, but also the history of the city. The palace is a place where you can hear voices from discussions, captivating music, artists and famous personalities come alive on the film screen. It is a place where children run, explore, discover and learn in a playful way.

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Place of sale: Nová synágóga Žilina, café Nová synágóga, M. Hurbana 220/11, 01001 Žilina