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Sales promotions

Vending machine

It is an ideal self-service point of sale. In order to achieve optimal sales results, it is advisable to place the machine in a frequented place, such as the entrance or exit of a tourist location.
The vending machine accepts coins with denominations of €1 and €2. The selling price is adjustable to 2 and 3 €. It is also possible to secure a machine in combination with online payment. After our training, you will be able to operate the machine with ease.
If you are interested in a vending machine, please contact us for more information.

Promo roll up

A roll up with the theme of your issue directly encourages and entices visitors to buy this exceptional souvenir. Roll up is an unmissable, silent, yet eloquent seller. In short, it does the work for you and your employees.

Counter sales stand

In the case of sales in your souvenir shop, the unmissable counter stand, which can hold up to 300 pieces of 0 Euro Souvenirs, will serve you well. We will make the sales stand with the graphics of your publication.

Promo enlargement
0 Euro Souvenir

0 Euro Souvenir in larger-than-life size catches the attention of passers-by and captures their interest to find out more about this interesting and unconventional souvenir. It often becomes the object of "selfies" with such a large "banknote".


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