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Air exhibitions at night accompanied by a pyrotechnic and laser show

While a few years ago it was just a vision, over which many people just wringed their hands, for the Slovak Aviation Agency, Ltd. it was the challenge. The challenge to organize an air show will get the blood pumping in many people's veins, their heart rate will slightly increase and their mouths will open in amazement. And today it is here. Night air show. And not just any. Aerial acrobatics will be performed by the best of the best, and thanks to modern technologies, the Piešťany sky will be lit up like never before.

However, the Aviation Festival, Piešťany 2022 from Friday to Sunday (May 6-8, 2022) offers much more. A varied program is planned for both day and night (except for night flights on Sundays). Fans of airplanes will enjoy not only the dynamic demonstrations. The European aviation exhibition - Aeroexpo will give you the opportunity to admire aircraft from all over the world. Visitors will be able to look at them in peace from all angles and also have a look into their cockpit. If someone would like to exchange the calm exhibition mode for more excitement and adrenaline, taxiing planes on the runway, which will take off to the heights due to stunning acrobatics, will definitely indulge them. And that is exactly what you can expect from, for example, the Swedish flight group (Scandinavian Airshow), whose charming acrobats will offer a show in the air, which will perhaps make your blood run cold. Other excellent pilots will demonstrate their skills from Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, Hungary and Poland.

An absolute novelty in Slovakia will be the night air show, during which the airplanes will have pyrotechnics attached to their wings, thanks to which they will create a unique show during acrobatics. The whole thing will be embellished with a laser show. If this wasn't enough, a show with 100 drones and a balloon show will satisfy even the most demanding audience.
The organizers took care, and in addition to the inflated flight program, they also worked on a varied program for families with children. A free family and children's zone will be available for children of all ages on an area of up to 8,000 m2. Thanks to the partners of this event, there will be an opportunity to entertain children, but also to educate them. Of course, all in a playful way, so that the Aviation Festival has the hallmark of relaxation and the promised fun.
No good event must have delicious food. And this event will be no exception. Varied street food will be part of it.
The main organizer (Slovenská letecká agentúra, s. r. o.), which has been bringing the well-known SIAF to the public for years, could be the guarantee of a great show for the visitors.
From the first day of the Aviation Festival, Piešťany 2022 (May 6-8, 2022) it will be possible to purchase a Festival-themed Euro Souvenir. The central image is the logo of the European aviation exhibition - Aeroexpo, the logo of the festival itself, and in the upper left corner a reminder of May 9 as Europe Day. The price for which the Euro Souvenir will be sold is 3 euros, and a limited number of 4,000 pieces will go on sale.

Euro Souvenir EUROPE DAY, MAY 9, 2022
Quantity: 5000 pcs
Price: €3
Start of sale: 6/5/2022
Place of sale: Piešťany, Aviation Festival