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0 Euro Souvenir


Močenok is a historical village, the first written mention of which dates back to 1113, when it is mentioned in the Zoborská document. However, archaeological findings prove that the place where the village is located was already inhabited in the earlier Stone Age. The historical significance of the village is connected mainly with the name of the first Slovak saint, St. Gorazd, pupil of Saints Cyril and Methodius, whose birthplace is in Močenok, part of Gorazdov.
Now Močenok, located between Nitra and Šaľa, is a village meeting all the attributes of a modern settlement.
0 Euro Souvenir will be issued on the occasion of the approaching 910th anniversary of the first written mention of the village and at the same time the 30th year of the national festival of the Gorazdov Močenok Christian Theatre, which is taking place at the time of its release.
Two of the most important sacred monuments of the village are shown on the 0 Euro Souvenirs - the church of St. Kliment, Pope and Martyr and the building of the current cultural centre, formerly the Monastery of the Vincentian Daughters of Christian Charity. The statue of St. Gorazd also has an important place here which located in the centre of the village where also is the bell tower of the chapel in Gorazdova symbolizing the rich history of the village.

Euro Souvenir MOČENOK
Quantity: 5,000 pcs
Price: €3
Start of sale: 18.7.2022
Place of sale:
-Client centre of the municipal office, Sv. Gorazda 629, Močenok
- Močenok Library, Školská 1690, Močenok
-possibility of mail order to: podatelna@mocenok.sk

Terms of sale:
-numbers up to 100: will not be on sale
-numbers from 101 to 500: max. 1 pc/person without the possibility of choosing a number
-numbers from 501 to 1,000: max. 10 pcs/person without the possibility of choosing a number
-year numbers from 1920 to 2022 max. 1 pc/person with the option of choosing
-other numbers without sales limit per person

The seller reserves the right not to include some numbers in the sale and to modify the conditions of sale during the sale.

The above information is for informational purposes only and Euro Souvenir Slovakia is not responsible for its change by the seller. It is necessary to inquire directly with the seller about the current conditions.