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On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the founding of the city, this year the city of Nová Dubnica is issuing its first Euro Souvenir in a limited edition.
The author of the motif visualization is the academic painter Stanislav Lajda. The motif features a portrait of Jiří Kroh, the chief architect of the Nová Dubnica city construction concept, the city emblem, a view of the first built Slobodárne building in the Sorel style, and details of decorative elements on individual buildings.
The construction of the city of Nová Dubnica began in 1951 according to the design proposal drawn up by the art studio of the architect Jiří Kroh. A unique architecture was created, which still creates the original image of Nova Dubnica. The centre consists of a square with residential houses and arcades, under which shops are concentrated. The rest of the city was designed by the studio as the construction of residential houses in the form of smaller squares and gardens. In 1953, the first residents moved here. On June 1, 1957, the settlement, until then part of Dubnica nad Váhom, became an independent municipality called Nová Dubnica. On July 1, 1960, it was granted the status of a city. In 1970, the city gradually expanded to include the Miklovky quarter, where more than 700 family houses are now built. A year later, the Kolačín district was added to Nova Dubnica. Today, the most strongly represented industries are electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.
Those interested will be able to purchase a Euro Souvenir at the cash desk of the cultural centre Panorex in Nová Dubnica. In Nová Dubnica, they believe that this edition will please not only the citizens of the city, but also collectors and enthusiasts from the field of numismatics, tourists and visitors to the city of Nová Dubnica.

Euro Souvenir NOVÁ DUBNICA
Quantity: 5000 pcs
Price: €3
Date of sale: in preparation
Place of sale: cultural centre Panorex